Patron Saints

Saint Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort

“Who God wants to make very holy, makes him very devoted to the Virgin Mary”

The book of St. Louis, Treaty of true devotion to the Virgin Mary, has spread throughout the world to enormous advantage for its readers. Pope John Paul II took as his motto a phrase that repeated this great saint:

“I am all yours Oh Mary, and all that I have, is yours”

He is the founder of the Montfortian priests and the Sisters of Wisdom. He was born in Monfort, France, in 1673. He was the oldest of a family of eight children. From a young age he was a great devotee of the Blessed Virgin. When he was 12 years old, people saw him spend a long time kneeling before the statue of the Mother of God. Before going to school in the morning and leaving class in the afternoon, he would kneel before the image of Our Lady and there he would stay as if in ecstasy. When he left the temple after having been praying to the Heavenly Queen, his eyes shone with a special glow.

Monfort dedicated all his great qualities of preacher and leader of crowds to preach missions to convert sinners. But it was not he who got the conversions. It was the Virgin Mary whom he constantly invoked. She begged Jesus and Jesus changed hearts. After some Retreats he wrote: “An unlimited confidence in Our Lord and in His Blessed Mother has been born in me”. I was not afraid of the canteens, or the gambling sites, or the places of perdition. There he was resolved to try to take souls from the devil. And he traveled confident because he never went alone. I got the crucifix and the image of the Virgin, and Jesus and Mary behaved with him as formidable defenders.

 Saint John Paul II

Pope of the Catholic Church (1978-2005). Elected to Peter’s house in October 1978, when he held the post of Cardinal-Archbishop of Krakow. He decided to follow his religious vocation in 1942 and began his priestly formation. After the Second World War, he was ordained a priest (November 1, 1946).

His motto Totus Tuus is inspired by the doctrine of St. Louis Mary Grignion of These two words express the total belonging to Jesus through Mary; and translate:

“I am all yours, and everything I have belongs to you”

The Marian dimension in John Paul II is the fruit of a lifetime of deep devotion to Mary Most Holy as Mother. He is convinced that each disciple of Christ must be found in the words of the Master on the Cross:

                                      “Here is your son; son, here is your Mother”

and that these words are the testament of Christ that must be accepted by each one of the faithful of the Church. “In John, the beloved disciple, each person, discovers that he is the son or daughter of the one who gave the world to the Son of God.”


Saint Jacinta Marto – Seer of Fatima

She was born in Aljustrel, Fatima, on March 11, 1910. She was baptized on March 19, 1910.
His life was characterized by the Spirit of sacrifice, love of the Heart of Mary, the Holy Father and sinners.

Carried away by the concern of the salvation of sinners and of the reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, everything offered a sacrifice to God, as the Angel will recommend, always saying the prayer that Our Lady will teach them:

“Oh Jesus, it is for our love, for the conversion of sinners (and increased, for the Holy Father) and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary”.

Beatification date: May 13, 2000 by Pope John Paul II.
Canonization date: May 13, 2017 by Pope Francis.


Saint Francisco Marto – seer of Fatima

He was born in Aljustrel, Fatima, on June 11, 1908. He was baptized on June 20, 1908.
His great concern was to “comfort Our Lord”. The Spirit of love and reparation for God offended, were remarkable in his life so short. He spent hours “thinking of God”, so he was always considered a contemplative.

Her precocious vocation of hermit was recognized in the decree of heroic virtues, according to which after the apparitions

“he hid behind trees to pray alone; other times he climbed to the highest and loneliest places and there he gave himself up to prayer so intensely that he did not hear the voices of those who called him”.

He fell victim to pneumonia in December 1918 and died in Aljustrel at 10 pm on April 4, 1919.

Date of beatification: May 13, 2000 by Pope John Paul II.

Canonization date: May 13, May 2017 by Pope Francis.


Saint Martin de Porres

Martin de Porres or Porras was the son of a Burgos nobleman, knight of the Order of Alcántara, Juan de Porres (according to some documents, the original surname was Porras) natural of the city of Burgos, and of a black freedwoman (horra), Ana Velazquez, a native of Panama who resided in Lima.

His father could not marry a woman of his condition, because he was very poor, which did not prevent his marriage to Ana Velázquez. Fruit of this relationship was born Martin and, two years later, Juana, his only sister. Martin de Porres was baptized on December 9, 1579 in the Church of San Sebastián de Lima.

Ana Velazquez gave careful Christian education to her two children. Juan de Porres was stationed in Guayaquil, and from there he provided them with sustenance. Seeing the precarious situation in which they were growing up, without a father or teachers, decided to recognize them as their children before the law. In his childhood and early adolescence he suffered the poverty and limitations of the black community in which he lived.

He trained as a practical assistant, barber and herbalist. In 1594, at the age of fifteen, and at the invitation of Fray Juan de Lorenzana, a famous Dominican, theologian and man of virtue, he entered the Order of Santo Domingo de Guzmán under the category of “donated”, that is, as Tertiary for being an illegitimate child (he received housing and was engaged in many jobs as a servant). Thus he lived nine years, practicing the most humble trades. He was admitted as brother of the order in 1603. He persevered in his vocation despite the opposition of his father, and in 1606 became a friar professing the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Of all the virtues that Martin de Porres possessed, humility stood out, he always put others ahead of their own needs. On one occasion the convent had serious financial difficulties and the Prior was in need of selling some valuable objects, before this, Martin de Porres offered to be sold as a slave to help remedy the crisis, the Prior moved, rejected his help . He constantly exercised his pastoral and missionary vocation; he taught the Christian doctrine and faith of Jesus Christ to the blacks and Indians and rustic people who attended to listen to him in the streets and in the haciendas near the properties of the Order located in Limatambo.

Martin was a follower of the holiness models of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, San José, Santa Catalina de Siena and San Vicente Ferrer. However, despite his burning fervor and devotion, he did not develop a line of mysticism of his own.

Martin de Porres was confidant of San Juan Macías Dominican friar, with whom he forged a close friendship. It is known that he also met Santa Rosa de Lima, Dominican tertiary, and that they were treated sometimes, but there are no historically proven details of these interviews.

Martin’s charismatic personality made him be sought by people of all social strata, high dignitaries of the Church and Government, simple people, rich and poor, all had in Martin relief to their spiritual, physical or material needs. His whole disposition and unconditional help to his neighbor caused him to be seen as a holy man.