How do I prepare?

Who better than the Blessed Virgin Mary to show us the way to her son, our Lord Jesus Christ; a path that only taken from his hand we can advance to the great goal: paradise. This World Youth Day is undoubtedly a special moment to take Mary’s hand, since the whole day is dedicated to her, for this reason the Marian Youth Festival is a preparation to live more deeply this WYD experience with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In these times when youth are increasingly harassed by the offers of the world and the delusions of the evil one (Rm 13, 12), the prayer life is the answer to all difficulties,Put on rather the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not walk trying to satisfy the evil inclinations of human nature (Rm 13, 14) – it is the way in which God communicates with us, giving us his love and friendship, as Saint Teresa of Avila experienced himtrying to be friends by being many times trying alone with whom we know loves us(LV 8, 5)

For this experience with Jesus and the Virgin Mary you must prepare yourself in the best way. God in his unfathomable mercy allowed his Blessed Mother to give us practical guides to stand firm on the path of grace.

Begin by making a daily and weekly prayer plan:

  1. Each day he spends at least 30 minutes of prayer in the morning and another 30 minutes of prayer before going to sleep. This time use it to try friendship with God and consecrate your day from start to finish.
  2. The 30 minutes of the morning you can dedicate them to the meditation of the Gospel of the day, keeping in your heart – in imitation of Mary – a word that accompanies you throughout your journey.
  3. Complement your day with the recitation of the Holy Rosary, take the decision to pray at least once a day, the Virgin Mary has said that you could pray up to three parts of the rosary a day if you propose.
  4. Feed your spiritual body with the Body and Blood of Christ, attending Holy Mass often, especially on Sundays.
  5. The Virgin invites us to maintain a pure heart, that is why she asks us to go to the Sacrament of Confession, where with a contrite and humiliated heart we approach Jesus, who grants us the forgiveness of our sins.
  6. During the week you share and dialogue with many people: friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. But somewhere, perhaps very close to you, there is a chapel where Jesus the Blessed Sacrament waits for you, do not miss this opportunity to share a time with the one who has given you everything.

“Now more than ever it is urgent that you be the “sentinels of the morning”, the lookouts that announce the light of dawn and the new spring of the Gospel, from which you can already see the outbreaks. Humanity is in imperative need of the testimony of free and courageous young people who dare to walk against the current and proclaim with strength and enthusiasm their own faith in God, Lord and Savior..”
  – Saint John Paul II