The registration in the Festival is valid to participate in the World Youth Day.

They must register through the website, where they must fill out an enrollment form that will later be used for their registration in the World Youth Day, so it is recommended to register before September 30, 2018 to have a better organization. by registering them at WYD and enjoying the whole event.

Groups must have a letter from their bishop that acknowledges their participation in both the Festival and WYD, in order to give each member of their group a valid certification before the Panamanian State that allows them to enter the country without any problem.

For minors we need two letters signed by their parents:

Note: Every young person must have their own letter, even if they are brothers.

The priests and religious who accompany the groups must also fill out the form specifying their state of life, this also to give them special attention. They must come duly identified and with the permission of their bishop in the case of the priests, and in the case of the Consecrated Persons, the permission of their congregation or Community. For more information regarding the registration of Priests and Consecrated, you can write to